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The TD stacker is an automatic stacker which can stack, feed or buffer workpieces coming out of a production machine. The workpieces can be stacked on pallets or beams. The workpieces can be set in height and width, according to your requirements.


Examples where to place the TD:  

  • Four-sided planer

  • Cutt-off saw

  • Pallet line

  • Stamping machine

  • Casing machine

  • Pack line

  • Wide belt sander

  • Finger joint machine

  • Panel sizing center

  • Edgebander

  • Paint line

  • Hotmelt line





Specifications TD Stacker:


Workpiece data: Boards and beams


Length                          min.    300 mm                   max.  4000 mm

Width                            min.      75 mm                   max.    400 mm

Thickness                     min.        3 mm                   max.      40 mm




Length                         min.   2440 mm                   max.  4200 mm

Width                           min.   1220 mm                   max.  2100 mm

Thickness                    min.         3 mm                    max.      40 mm

Workpiece weight 250 kg max.

Maximum number of strokes depends on the workpiece which has to be picked up.


Alternative dimensions are available on request.

Materials to pick up:


  •             Materials non-porous, such as chipboard, HPL and multiplex

  •             Materials porous, such as MDF, chipboard brute 8 mm

  •             Workpiece weight: 230 kg max.

  •             Beams

  •             Boards

  •             Pallet decks

  •             Pallets



TD Double scissors

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