SD Drying trolley loader


The SD Loader is especially developed in order to load or unload a dry trolley. The SD Loader is launched in two different types. The first type can load some pieces of painted work pieces or planed profiles in a dry trolley, without shoving the parts or placing them against each other. The second type is for loading layer by layer, for example behind a paint line. This type can collect a layer and load it all at once in a dry trolley, or unload the dry trolley.



The SD series exist of following types:


  • SD Drying trolley loader type 1

  • SD Drying trolley loader type 2





The SD Drying trolley loader is developed in order to achieve a higher return on short term. The payback period of a SD is approximately one year. The additional advantage is that the machine is easy to install and to program. The programming system is developed in such a way that it is usable without any education. The sharp price and easy use make it possible for everyone to automate the production process. 




•             Low investment

•             Short payback period

•             Improvement health and safety conditions

•             Low maintenance

•             Immediately ready for use

•             Cost reduction

•             Simplifying production process

•             From two to one man control



SD Loader

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