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The flat storage system is developed for the panel processing industry. All information of the material will be saved by the DWMS software (Duivestein Warehouse Management System), such as colour, size, quality, weight. Thanks to the DWMS software, which is developed by ourselves, you can classify the storage yourself. 

This storage software can also be integrated on a server. All dates then will be connected with a network.

The RK flat storage system can also be used for the infeed and/or outfeed of 1 or more machine tools. The RK flat storage system can be executed with 2 or 3 axes and is available with single or double scissors. The RK flat storage system is available in several sizes and executions.  


Specifications RK flat storage system:


Panel sizes


Length                min. 2200 mm                   max. 4100 mm

Width                  min. 1250 mm                   max. 2100 mm

Thickness           min.       8 mm                    max.     60 mm


Materials which can be picked up:


•             Materials non-porous, such as cladded chipboard, HPL and multiplex

•             Materials porous, such as MDF, chipboard brute

•             Workpiece weight: 450 kg max.

•             Chaotic stacking positions

•             Standard stacking height 2000 mm

•             Panel length 1500 mm minimal

•             Panel width 800 mm minimal


Software DWMS (Duivestein Warehouse Management System)


DWMS advantages:


               •             Fixed stacks

               •             Chaotic stacks

               •             Search parts based on:

                                             -              size or fabric

                                             -              Unicode

                                             -              feature or date

               •             Remove stacking positions

               •             Expand fast select list

               •             Follow the process with estimated production time



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