RD feeding system


The RD feeding system is especially developed for high-speed feeding of workpieces, for example in a planing machine, wrapping machine or profiling machine. 


The RD feeding system will be produced custom-made, and will only be implemented in case the standard DP feed drum and DB pusher can not be inserted.  

Example specifications RD feeding system:


Length                  min.    2000 mm                   max.   4250 mm

Width                   min.        30 mm                   max.     230 mm

Thickness             min.          8 mm                   max.       45 mm



  • Planing speed max. 45 m/min with material width max. 125 mm.

  • Package width min. 800 mm   max. 1200 mm.

  • Package height 1200 mm max.

  • Max. workpiece weight 60 kg.


Maximum number of strokes depends on the workpiece which has to be fed.

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