Flat storage systems


The flat storage systems are developed for companies which have to sort certain work pieces. Duivestein Techniek owns 4 types of flat storage systems, each with its own goals and qualities. Below we describe the different machines with their goals and qualities. Each flat storage system is in any size or execution with 2 or 3 axes available, this depends on the available space and the work pieces which have to be handled. 

Size standard 18 m x 100 m max.

Lifting weight 250 kg

Building height 3.500 mm

90 degrees swivel head

Size standard max. 18 m x 100 m

Lifting weight 1000 kg

Building height 4.500 mm

Double bearers

Double scissors

180 degrees swivelhead

Size standard max. 18 m x 100 m

Lifting weight 450 kg

Building height 4.500 mm

Picking up diagonally

180 degrees swivelhead

Duivestein Techniek possesses self-developed software which is provided standardly in all flat storage systems. This DWMS (Duivestein Warehouse Management System) is very userfriendly and accessible for everyone. You can contact us for an informal demonstration of the DWMS software program.

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