BJ beams returning system


The BJ returning system is developed in order to transport beams or boards coming out of, for example, a four-sided planing machine back to the operator. The transport system contains several parts which are being connected to make a whole. The BJ returning system is available in a left-hand and right-hand type.


There are two versions of the returning system. The BJ 3000 is developed for shorter workpieces up to a length of 3000 mm. The BJ 6000 is inserted when larger workpieces up to a length of 6000 mm are processed.


All types can be inserted in combination with other machines, such as four-sided planing machines, profiling machines and oil streets.



Specifications BJ returning system:


Workpiece data:  


Length                  min.   500 mm                   max. 3000 mm

Width                   min.     20 mm                   max.   300 mm

Thickness             min.     10 mm                    max.  100 mm

Max. workpiece weight 50 kg.

Maximum number of strokes depends on the workpiece which has to be processed.


Alternative dimensions are available on request.




The BJ returning system is developed in order to achieve a higher return on short term. The payback period of a BJ is approximately one year. The additional advantage is that the machine is easy to install and to program. The programming system is developed in such a way that it is usable without any education. The sharp price and easy use make it possible for everyone to automate the production process. 




•             Low investment

•             Short payback period

•             Improvement health and safety conditions

•             Low maintenance

•             Immediately ready for use

•             Cost reduction

•             Simplifying production process

•             From two to one man control



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